Erected in the 1950s, the Matthews Elementary building in Sikeston, Mo., was an outdated structure. Educators had trouble teaching effectively in the facility, and the gym was converted into a cafeteria to accommodate the surplus of students for lunch each day. The heating system was original to the building, and instructors coordinated their use of technology to avoid tripping the building’s inadequate breakers.


In 2014, a committee formed with the goal of motivating Sikeston residents to pass a bond issue that would provide funding for a public school building overhaul. The measure failed miserably. After three years, the group reassembled with a new bond issue on the ballot and partnered with BOLD Marketing for education and outreach efforts.



The 2014 bond issue left behind a bad taste for many residents. Substantial Common Core changes, a proposed tax increase, communication issues and toxic online forums from the previous bond issue necessitated a branding departure and a public relations overhaul.

Brand Development

New messaging, logo and visual imagery


Landing page development +

Downloadable content

Social Media

Bond education +

Audience engagement


Video development +

Digital placement

Public Relations

Town hall events +

Media outreach

A combined effort among motivated community members and BOLD Marketing allowed existing concerns to be met head-on and open lines of communication to be developed.

Instead of a narrative driven by fear and misunderstanding, BOLD Marketing transformed opinions and brought school administrators and parents together. The issue overwhelmingly passed, and many Sikeston leaders continue to see the positive results ripple throughout their neighborhoods.



The committee partnered with BOLD Marketing to coordinate town hall meetings, develop a website with informational downloads, establish an engaging social media presence, develop an educational video, launch community outreach campaigns and distribute collateral throughout the voting district.



Over the course of two months, BOLD changed strongly held beliefs, paving the way for a resounding win at the polls.


April 2014

Sikeston bond proposition fails

64.31% vote “no”

21 %
79 %

April 2017

Sikeston bond proposition passes

78.64% vote “yes”


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